Should i make a fantage blog?

Should I? Should i make THIS a fantage blog? I hate this blog i’m so bored blogging is boring i don’t like grammar or punctuation don’t mention it i don’t care what the heck i’ll just die okays? 

Switchin’ to fantage blog. This blog was IS unsuccessful. I have another fantage blog 😉 find out for yourself.

Okai, I’m changing da nom and add sum fantage pages.



like dude.

But hey, it’s nice to annoy people who don’t like hashtags >:)

*blog is gonna be called… um. IDK actually. Chococherry? Okai. 

This is like off topic

I’m trading/selling fantage items. Cos I don’t need them. 😛 I might be quitting 😮 my secret addiction. 😮
Here are the items:
Coined frisky
Starred eyepatch
Starred Blue pen thingy mcbob
Starred Limited pink cat ears
Starred rubix cube board
Starred limited springy shoes
2010 tee
Diamond earrings
Adventurer jacket
Bunny tee
Flowing brown locks
Tiny reindeer antler things

Disco board

Red gym suit

futuristic outfit

School Uniform

… Idk … I’ll add more later.


Gentleman by Psy… is kinda dirty…. the lyrics…. the video is funny though. Psy farts then he makes this chick smell it… IT’S REALLY FUNNY… WATCH IT.

老鼠愛大米 ❤ amazing song peeps… it’s really sad…